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Software and Hardware Support
Software and Hardware Support

Do you need assistance with your ValSuite Software?

If necessary, our support team will access your PC remotely.  Please contact your local sales office first to initiate support.

Please click the following icon and download the TeamViewer file to create an Ellab remote connection.

When you run the file, an ID and password will populate.

Please convey the password and ID to our support employee.

They should now have access to connect to your PC in order to fix the problem. If TeamViewer is not supported or allowed by your company, please provide details for an alternative remote connection.

Hardware Support & Service
Hardware Support & Service

Ellab provides a fast and professional support service when users require equipment inspections, repairs, calibrations or routine maintenance. The hardware support is an important part of our ISO9001 quality system and this service is divided into three main categories: Service, Repairs and Calibrations.

Service & Maintenance
Ellab highly recommends that equipment is sent to service at least once a year. These annual services will ensure that equipment remains up to date and accurate. Having validation equipment inspected also reduces risk of malfunction which could lead to quality glitches and even batch loss. It is also important to mention that equipment covered by a service contract are prioritized.

Should equipment fail or be damaged through straining applications, rough handling, etc., Ellab offers a repair service where equipment will be sent to the closest service center and be repaired/replaced, typically within a few days to 20 business days depending on the repair. Please note the repaired or replaced units will posses the exact same technical specifications as the original. 

Instruments sent to calibration will be handled within 5-15 business days, depending on the selected service option. Ellab provides both regular and ISO17025 accredited calibrations. Read more about Ellab’s Factory Calibration here.

Get Support

What do I do if I need equipment repaired, calibrated or serviced?

  • Contact your local supplier and inform them of the issue or required service.
  • The supplier will then create an RMA case within Ellab’s e-Service program.
  • A hardcopy of the RMA case is shipped alongside the instrument.
  • Once the equipment has been received, a confirmation e-mail will be issued.
  • If required, a quote will be forwarded for your acceptance
  • The equipment will be returned within 5-20 business days, depending on the required repair, calibration or service agreement.

For additional information, read the Ellab Service Policy document.

Ellab A/S in Denmark is the main location and headquarters for calibrations and services cases. There are however, Ellab subsidiaries and distributors located around the world that provide the services on behalf of us. Contact your local sales representative for a service center near you.

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