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TrackSense Pro XL Wireless Data Logger - Pressure & Temperature Sensor

TrackSense Pro XL Wireless Data Logger - Pressure & Temperature Sensor

Ellab’s high quality wireless TrackSense® Pro XL data loggers are made of resistant stainless steel and offers high-end technology that allows for stable and immensely accurate measurements within various thermal processes. The XL logger is a larger logger with an increased battery capacity, making it exceptional for applications involving vast temperature swings.

The Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensor has a pressure range of 10mBar to 6 Bar Absolute, with an accuracy of ±0.25% Full scale, and a temperature range of 0 to +150°C with a measuring accuracy of 0.05 °C. The sensor can be used for a wide range of applications within the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

All TrackSense® Pro data loggers can be configured with interchangeable sensors to measure temperature, pressure, relative humidity, CO2, and conductivity. The data loggers can easily be activated and read by the Multi reader station and can be combined with the Sky module for real time data via wireless communication.


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Technical Specifications


Interchangeable Combi Pressure

Pressure Measuring Range:

10 mBar to 6 Bar ABS

Measuring Principle:

Piezoresistive / Electrical Resistance

Sensor Element:

Strain Gauge / Pt1000 

Pressure accuracy:

±0.25% Full Scale

Temperature Measuring Range:

0 to +150 °C

Temperature Accuracy:

0 to +150 °C:

± 0.05 °C

Temperature Response Time:


0.8 Second


1.7 Second


Pro XL

Operating Pressure:

0.001 mBar to 10 Bar ABS

Operating Temperature:

0 to +150 °C

House Material:

316 L Stainless Steel


25 mm


68.8 mm

Weight With Battery:

80 Grams

Memory Capacity:

60,000 Data Points

Minimum Sample Rate:

1.0 Sec.

Maximum Sample Rate:

24 Hours

Maximum Start Delay:

14 Days

Intrinsically Safe:

Ex II1GD Ex ia IIC T3 Ga,  -55°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +105°C

Time Accuracy:

± 5 Seconds Per 24 Hours


TSP 150L Battery

If equipment is used in ATEX environment, special conditions for safe use stated in ATEX certificates section 17 must be considered.

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